Bays of the Texas Coastal Bend

Aransas Bay Aransas Bay is a big bay at the northern end of the Texas Coastal Bend. It is roughly 16 miles long and 6 miles wide. It is bordered on the east by St. Joe Island and Live Oak Peninsula on the east. Rockport, Texas is the primary city with access to Aransas Bay. Relatively deep in the middle,... Visit
Baffin Bay The southern most bay in the Texas Coastal Bend is Baffin Bay. This large bay complex is unique in many ways. Due to its lack of any major freshwater drains and any open passes leading to the Gulf of Mexico, Baffin Bay has a higher salinity level than the other bays of the area. Its fragile... Visit
Copano Bay Created by the convergence of Copano Creek, the Mission River, and the Aransas River, Copano Bay is a rich marine habitat which is dotted with oyster reefs through out its waters. Like many of the bays of the Texas Coastal Bend, navigating Copano Bay can be hazardous to boaters that are not... Visit
Corpus Christi Bay The largest bay in the Texas Coastal Bend is Corpus Christi Bay. A large eliptical shaped bay Corpus Christi Bay is also the deepest bay in the area. Its shoreline offers a wealth of wading and drift fishing opportunities for trout and several oyster reefs through out it make natural gathering... Visit
Mesquite Bay Mesquite Bay is the northern most bay in the Coastal Bend region. It is home to the much debated Cedar Bayou. Cedar Bayou is a natural pass through St. Joseph's and Island that is periodically been opened by hurricanes through out history. There is a current push to dredge Cedar Bayou to create... Visit
Nueces Bay Nueces Bay was carved out of the plains of the Texas Coastal Bend by the Nueces River as its journey from the Texas Hill Country terminated at Corpus Christi Bay. Nueces Bay is a shallow bay that is recognized by locals as one of the most difficult to navigate because of the large number of oyster... Visit
Oso Bay Created by the fresh water flow of Oso Creek into Corpus Christi Bay, Oso Bay is a shallow muddy bay south of Corpus Christi Bay. Abundant oyster reefs and grasses provide good fish structure between the abandoned railroad and its mouth near Ward Island and the Corpus Christi Naval Air Station,... Visit
Port Bay Port Bay is a small shallow extension off the south end of Copano Bay. This often overlooked bay offers excellent redfish and trout action through out the year. The most frequented portion is the bends and tidal lakes near the mouth where it meets Copano Bay. There are a lot more good grassy... Visit
Redfish Bay Redfish Bay is a triangular shaped area between Aransas Pass, Texas and Port Aransas, Texas. It is bordered on the north by Aransas Bay and on the south by the Corpus Christi Ship Channel. Rather than being a large open water area, Redfish Bay is actually a complex of islands, grass flats and... Visit
St. Charles Bay A small protected bay in the northern most part of the Texas Coastal Bend, St. Charles Bay is local favorite for redfish. Bordered by the Aransas National Wildlife Refuge on the west and the Lamar Peninsula on the east, St. Charles features long grass and sand shorelines broken up up by slews,... Visit
Upper Laguna Madre The Upper Laguna Madre is a long narrow bay that runs south from Corpus Christi Bay past Baffin Bay to the Land cut. Its Spanish name is translated to mean "Mother Lagoon". There are no significant freshwater flows or cuts from the Gulf of Mexico into the Laguna Madre, giving it a higher... Visit